Our Critter Buddies® care for your fur-kids in the safety and comfort of your own home!


Care in your home with a professional pet sitter is much less stressful for your pet and allows them to maintain their own routine in familiar surroundings.  Therefore, we do not offer boarding or traditional daycare.  All care takes place in YOUR home.  (For more information on why in-home care is better than boarding in a kennel or staying with friends, please click on our Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter? page).

We book up quickly (especially during holidays!) and encourage you to make your reservations early.


A FREE Meet & Greet is REQUIRED at least 48 hours prior to all new client services. This allows us to meet you and your fur-kids and ensure we are a good fit for each other.  We will also review the necessary paperwork, see where supplies are kept and answer any questions you may have. Please note that we do not offer boarding or drop off care at the Critter Buddies® facility, but we DO offer care in your home, including Critter Buddy® sleepovers!

New Puppy Consult Package
Make sure you start off on the right paw with your new furry family member!  Package includes a one hour new puppy consult in your home, personalized potty and crate training help, consults on food, nutrition, exercise and training and a printed, personalized Critter Buddies® Puppy Guide to help you put your personalized plan into action. $65 first consult, $35 each additional visit.

Puppy Break Package
Have a new puppy?  We can help make potty training easier when you schedule our Puppy Break Package!  Our popular Puppy Break Package includes a series of short potty breaks (scheduled according to your puppy’s age), to keep your puppy on a proper schedule while you are at work or play.  Three visit packages starting at $50 per day.

Buddy Walks
Sniffing leaves, butterflies and exploring the neighborhood!  Your pet will get to take a 30 or 60 minute walk with their Critter Buddy®.  All Buddy Walks end with a water refresh and a treat (if mom and dad say it’s ok!).  Prices start at $22.

Neighborhood Buddy Walks
Everyone loves taking a walk with friends!  Our Neighborhood Buddy Walks allow Pet Parents to get a substantial discount on a daily or weekly Buddy Walk schedule.  Simply join with a minimum of 2 of your neighbors to sign up with you for group walks!  Inquire for pricing and details today!

Buddy Breaks
These are perfect for mid-day potty breaks or just a drop-in to make sure all is well.
Perfect for puppies who are learning about house training, older dogs who need more frequent breaks, and pets who have parents that work long hours. Your pet will get some play time with his Critter Buddy®, go outside for a potty break, have his water refreshed and get a treat (if allowed).  Buddy Breaks are typically about 15 minutes long and we can do 1, 2, 3 or 4 Buddy Breaks per day.  If your pet requires a Buddy Break after 8pm, service will usually convert to a Buddy Sleepover.  Prices start at $16.

Buddy Sleepovers
What could be better for your fur-kid than a sleepover in his OWN home with his favorite Critter Buddy®?
Your pet’s Critter Buddy® will arrive at your home by approximately 8pm and will stay all night with your fur-kid, leaving around 7am or so the next day.  Dinner, breakfast, play time, loves, snuggles and cuddles are all included with sleepovers.  This is one of our most popular services, as it beats staying in a lonely kennel any day!  Prices start at $75 per night for up to 3 pets.

Buddy Taxi
Let’s go for a ride!  
One of our insured Critter Buddies® will transport your pet to the groomer, vet or anywhere else they need to go!  For the safety of your pet and your Critter Buddy®, pets will ride in their crate or in the pet area of an SUV-type vehicle during transport.  Prices start at $25.

Dog Park Visits
Off leash fun!
 Your dog will get to visit a local dog park and play with other fur friends while being supervised by their favorite Critter Buddy®.  Prices start at $35.

Bath & Brush
This is a great add-on service for Buddy Sleepovers!
 Critter Buddies® is happy to take care of minor grooming needs such as bathing and brushing when you book a Buddy Sleepover.  We can also work with your dogs to get them accustomed to nail grinders and clippers.  Prices start at $18.

Welcome Home Service
Don’t worry about stopping at the store on your way home from the airport!
 Your Critter Buddy® will be happy to get milk, bread, fresh flowers or anything else you may need upon your return. If you wish to opt in to this convenient service, simply fill out the form during your Meet & Greet to let us know what supplies you will need and they will be waiting for you when you arrive home.  Inquire for pricing.

Pet Shopping & Errand Services
Let Critter Buddies® take care of those time-consuming errands that take time from the important things in your life!
 We are happy to arrange for food, treats, litter and anything else you may need to keep your fur-kids happy and healthy!  Inquire for pricing.

Incognito Buddy Service
We understand that some of our clients require the utmost privacy and discretion when hiring someone and allowing them access to their home and beloved fur-kids.  Because of this, we are pleased to offer 2 levels of service.

Our standard service includes a Critter Buddy® identifiable by an employee uniform and one of our logo’d Critter Buddy® vehicles.  For those clients that require privacy, we also offer an upgrade to our exclusive, Incognito Buddy Service.  When you opt for this level of service, we will arrive at your home in an unmarked vehicle, we will park in your garage and we will wear no identifiable clothing. We also agree not to ever post ANY photos of your pets on our website or social media.  Inquire for pricing.

Long Distance Pet Transport
Need to get your pup or kitty-kid to the East Coast (or somewhere else) but don’t want them shipped like cargo?  No Problem!  We can do that!  Simply give us a call to discuss your needs and schedule!

Customized Services
We can handle almost anything!  Just let us know what you need help with and we will customize our services to meet your needs!

*Please note that during times of extreme heat or cold, outdoor services may need to be suspended for the safety of your pet.  If this happens, your pet will still have quality time with his Critter Buddy® and will take part in an indoor activity. You will be notified if this happens.